Norway Reveal Competitors for Melodi GP 2019!

Eurovision Guide 2019, News

Norway kick off our Eurovision filled weekend in style by announcing the 10 acts that will compete for the right to represent the nation at Eurovision 2019. While tomorrow will see Malta and France pick their choices for the Contest and Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia and Israel also continue with their selection shows, we’ll have to wait until 2 March for the final of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix. So who will follow in the footsteps of Alexander Rybak? Let’s take a look at the contenders!

D’Sound- ‘Mr. Unicorn’

Chris Medina- ‘We Try’

Carina Dahl- ‘Hold Me Down’

Anna-Lisa Kumoji- ‘Holla’

Erlend Bratland- ‘Sing For You’

Adrian Jorgensen- ‘The Bubble’

Keiino- ‘Spirit In the Sky’

Morland- ‘En Livredd Mann’

Ingrid Berg Mehus- ‘Feel’

Hank Von Hell- ‘Fake It’

There will be only one show for Melodi Grand Prix 2019, a final which will take place on 2 March. The ten acts above will fight it out, hoping to impress judges and the voting public to secure one of the four spots in the superfinal at the end of the show. The four tops songs will then perform again and only the public votes will count this time in determining the winner.

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