Moldova Reveal the Artists and Songs for O Melodie Pentru Europa 2019!

Eurovision Guide 2019

Moldovan broadcaster TVM have announced the names of the 26 acts and 28 songs that will compete in their live auditions round of their Eurovision 2019 selection on 2 February. Read on to find out who is among the list of contenders!

Competing with two different songs are Viroela with ‘Light Up the Night’ and ‘Beggin” and Che MD who will compete with ‘Sub Pamant’ and ‘Yarmarokul Bufonilor’. Other artists competing in the contest are Diana Brescan who finished third at O Melodie Pentru Europa in 2017 and Moldovan selection show perennial contestant Alex Bognibov.


Moldova’s O Melodie Pentru Europa Contenders 2019

Ala Zasmenco- ‘Emergency’
Anna Odobescu- ‘Stay’
Tinna Gi- ‘Virus’
Siaj- ‘Olimp’
Gheorghe Feghiu- ‘Laura’
Iana Ghurba- ‘What If We Were’
Irina Tarasiuc & Lume- ‘Ca Adriano Celentano’
Chirill Palic- ‘I Want You To Know’
Pelageya Stefoglo- ‘Mi Amor’
Vera Turcanu- ‘Cold’
Iurie Sadovnic & Legenda- ‘Robin Hood’
Viorela- ‘Light Up The Night’
Viorela- ‘Beggin”
Alex Bognibov- ‘Love Me Like My Daughter’
Diana Brescan- ‘Lies’
Sasha Letty- ‘Bananas’
Iulia Cazaceno- ‘Soulmates’
Elena Croitor- ‘Te Voi Canta Mereu’
Che MD- ‘Sub Pamant’
Che MD- ‘Yarmarokul Bufonilor’
Alister Mars- ‘High’
Aurel Chirtoaca- ‘La Cinema’
Maxim Zavidia- ‘I Will Not Surrender’
Limonique- ‘Gravity’
Coral Reef- ‘Self-Destruction’
Marcela Scripcaru- ‘Meteor’
Anna Cucerenco- ‘Do you see me?’
Marina Cudalb- ‘Insieme’

Can any of these acts continue Moldova’s top form at Eurovision and follow in the footsteps of Sunstroke Project (third in 2017) and DoReDos (tenth in 2018)?

Let us know what you think...

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