Klara Sabag Eliminated From Israel’s Rising Star!

Eurovision Guide 2019, News

The top 12 from Israel’s Rising Star battled each other in duels in the latest episode of the show with one unlucky singer: Klara Sabag becoming the latest to be given the boot.

The first round of duels were as follows:

Ketreyah (‘Wings’) 85% v Danielle (‘No Diggity’) 69%

Shefita (‘Bootylicious’) 83% v Avraham (‘When We Were Young’) 88%

Osher and Klara (‘Tafasta Li Makom’) 70% v Shalva Band and Ofri (‘Halomot Shel Acherim’) 94%

Tay (‘Breathe Me’) 72% v Daniel (‘Hello’) 79%

Kobi (‘Fuego’) 80% v Maya (‘Rise Like A Phoenix’) 85%

The five winners of the duels automatically advanced to the next episode, while the remaining contestants had to face the judges’ vote. All the acts bar Klara Sabag were saved. There are four weeks left fo the competition. The show will continue next week when the field of contenders will be whittled further. The remaining contestants are listed below:

Israel’s Rising Star Top 11

Maya Buskila

Osher Bilon

Daniel Barzilay


Kobi Marimi


Ofri Calfon

Danielle Mazuz

The Shalva Band

Avraham de Carvalho


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