Destination Eurovision Semi 2 Results!

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Tonight France continued their bid to win Eurovision 2019 when they aired the second of their Destination Eurovision shows. Nine acts competed in this the second semi final, but only four could make it through to next week’s final. The results were decided by an international jury made up of jurors from Armenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Georgia and Sweden as well as the public vote. Unlike last year, the french jury in the studio made up of Vitaa, Christophe Willem and Andre Manoukian had no say in the outcome of the results.

The four successful acts were The Divaz, Seemone, Doutson and Emmanuel Moire. Meanwhile Tracy de Sa, Philipelise, Noemie, Ugo and Gabriella have been eliminated from the competition. The full results are below.

  1. Seemone- ‘Tous les deux’ (12,12,12,12,12,53) 113 points
  2. Emmanuel Moire- ‘La promesse’ (10,6,0,4,8,56) 84 points
  3. The Divaz- ‘La voix d’Aretha’ (2,8,6,6,4, 26) 54 points
  4. Doutson- ‘Sois un bon fils’ (6,0,10,2,6, 24) 39 points
  5. Ugo- ‘Ce qui me blesse’ points (8,4,0,8,10,8) 38 points
  6. Gabriella- ‘On cherche encore’ (0,10,4,0,0,18) 32 points
  7. Philipelise- ‘Madame la Paix’ (4,4,2,10,0,13) 31 points
  8. Tracy de Sà- ‘Por Aqui’ (0,0,0,0,2,13) 15 points
  9. Noémie- ‘Ma petite famille’ (0,0,8,0,0,6) 14 points

Destination Eurovision will return with the final next Saturday when the eight qualified acts will vie to be crowned the winner and represent France at Eurovision 2019. The full list is below:

Destination Eurovision 2019 Finalists

Bilal Hassani- ‘Roi’

Chimène Badi- ‘La Haut’

Silvàn Areg- ‘Le Petit Nicolas’

Aysat- ‘Comme Une Grande’

The Divaz- ‘La Voix d’Aretha’

Seemone- ‘Tous les Deux’

Douston- ‘Sois in Bon fils’

Emmanuel Moire- ‘La Promesse’

Who do you think should win the competition? Leave us a comment below!

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