Dora 2019 Finalist Announced By Croatia!

Eurovision Guide 2019

jacques houdek croatia eurovision 2017Today Croatian broadcaster HRT revealed the sixteen songs that will compete in their national final competition Dora in 2019. 

Fans will have to wait to hear the songs as they won’t debut until the broadcast of the final show on 16 February. The winner of Dora will be decided by 50/50 jury public vote split. The full list of contender is below.

Dora 2019 Contenders

4 Tenora- ‘Brod Bez Imena’

Bernarda Bruno- ‘I Believe In True Love’

Beta Sudar- ‘Don’t Give Up’

Bojan Jambrošić and Danijela Pintarić- ‘Vrijeme Predaje’

Domenica- ‘Indigo’

Elis Lovrić- ‘All I Really Want’

Ema Gagro- ‘Redemption’

Gelato Sisters- Back To The Swing’

Jelena Bosančić- ‘Tell Me’

Jure Brkljača- ‘Ne Postojim Kad Nisi Tu’

Lea Mijatović- ‘Tebi Pripadam’

Lidija Bačić Lille- ‘Tek Je Počelo’

Lorena Bućan- ‘Tower Of Babylon’

Luka Nižetić- ‘Amorero Brutalero’

Manntra- ‘In The Shadows’

Roko Blažević- ‘The Dream’

Who do you reckon has it in them to represent Croatia at Eurovision 2019? Leave us a comment below.

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