Edgars Kreilis’ Supernova Song Gets Name Change!

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Fighting fire with fire? It would appear not. You may have noticed that two of the sixteen songs that have been selected for the Latvian selection show in 2019 are entitled ‘Fire’. The Double Faced Eels song will keep the title, but Edgars Kreilis has decided to change the name of his song from ‘Fire’ to ‘Cherry Absinthe’.

Edgars remarks that his song ‘Cherry Absinthe’ is about

‘…a girl that was met on New Year’s Eve. It’s about emotions that take over when you meet someone and about the explosion of feelings – about falling in love. Besides all the feelings, this is also a story about a great party and an adventure – the moment when you forget the absence of the last year and embark on the new one with other goals, wishes and feelings, enjoying the time that we are given.’

He continues:

‘There’s is no doubt that behind every successful man stands a strong and a successful woman. And every blossoming relationship starts with a feeling that you can feel in every note of this song. I’m not sure how others will feel about “Cherry Absinthe” at the moment, but I’m confident that every listener will enjoy the great dose of positivism that dwells in it.’

Edgars composed the music to the song along with Jūlijs Melngailis and Arnis Račinskis, while the lyrics were written by Jūlijs Melngailis and Arnis Račinskis. ‘Cherry Absinthe’ is available on Spotify and Youtube.

The Supernova Semi Finals will take place on 26 January and 2 February. Three songs from each will be selected to advance to the final. Results during the semi-final and final shows will be determined by a jury panel and votes from the public. Edgars will compete in the first semi. The full line up is below!

Supernova Semi Final 1 (26 Jan)

1. Alekss Silvērs- ‘Fireworks’

2. Aivo Oskis- ‘Somebody’s Got My Lover’

3. Edgars Kreilis- ‘Cherry Absinthe

4. Elza Rozentāle- ‘You Came on Tiptoe’

5. Kris & Oz- ‘Midnight Streets’

6. Laime Pilnīga- ‘Awe’

7. Līga Rīdere- ‘Būšu Tepat’ (‘I’ll Be There Right Now’)

8. Samanta Tīna- ‘Cutting the Wire’

Supernova Semi Final 1 (2 Feb)

1. Adriana Miglāne- ‘Scared of Love’

2. Carousel- ‘That Night’

3. Double Faced Eels- ‘Fire’

4. Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens- ‘Tautas Dziesma’ (‘Folk Song’)

5. Kristiāna Bumbiere- ‘Remedy’

6. Laika Upe- ‘Listen to the Way That I Breathe’

7. Markus Riva- ‘You Make Me So Crazy’

8. Kristīne Pastare (Peress)- ‘Smaragdi un pelni’ (‘Emeralds and Ashes’)

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