Spain Finalise 10 Songs for Operacion Triunfo Eurovision Gala!

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Yesterday Spain revealed the three songs which topped the public vote and would advance to the Operacion Triunfo Eurovision Gala. Now they have added the seven remaining songs to this line up following the jury deliberations. Check out the full line up below!

The first three acts making it to the final via the public vote were: María with fan favourite ‘Muérdeme’, Noelia’s ‘Hoy vuelvo a reír otra vez’ and ‘La clave’ by Natalia.

The jury then added to this with: Carlos Right’s ‘Se te nota, Famous’ ‘No puedo más’, Julia’s ‘Qué quieres que haga’, Marilia’s ‘Todo bien’, Miki’s ‘La venda’, Natalia and Miki’s ‘Nadie se salva’ and
Sabela’s ‘Hoy soñaré’.

Operacion Triunfo Eurovision Gala will air later this month. You can check out all the songs here.

Spain Operacion Triunfo Eurovision Gala Participants

Famous- ‘No puedo más’

Miki- ‘La venda’

Miki and Natalia- ‘Nadie se salva’

Julia- ‘Qué quieres que haga’

Natalia- ‘La clave’

Sabela- ‘Hoy soñaré’

Noelia- ‘Hoy vuelvo a reír otra vez’

Marilia- ‘Todo bien’

María- ‘Muérdeme’

Carlos Right- ‘Se te nota’

This is the second consecutive year that Spain have used this format to select their Eurovision song and artist. In 2018 it saw Alfred y Amaia at the helm with song ‘Tu Cancion’ which finished in 23rd place with 61 points.

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