Belarus to Use National Final Again in 2019!

Eurovision Guide 2019

For the past seven years Belarus has used a national selection final to select their Eurovision artist and song. Today broadcaster BTRC announced that the nation will continue with this format for 2019!

The broadcaster however have provided no further details of what the national final will entail. In the past few years they have been quite quick off the mark, tending to select their song by mid-late January. The national final tends to feature between 10 and 15 artists vying to be chosen to represent their nation. The broadcaster said today that we can expect further details soon and to keep an eye on their website as this will be where this is announced.

Belarus’ 2018 pick Alekseev’s ‘Forever’ proved somewhat controversial, as it was given the go ahead to compete in the national final despite the revelation that the song had previously existed as a Russian language prior to the 1 Sept deadline, in direct contravention of the rules governing Eurovision. He went on to win the 2018 selection show but didn’t manage to qualify for the final, coming in in 16th out of 19 songs with just 65 points.

Belarus have had mixed fortunes in their Eurovision history. Their best result continues to be Dmitry Koldun’s 2007 song ‘Work Your Magic’ which finished sixth. Only four of their other fifteen attempts qualified for the final.

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