Eurovision NI’s Song of 2018: The Wildcards

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There have been so many great songs this year that we’ve decided to expand our Top 30 songs of the year to 40. 24 songs have already made it through to the final round by coming in the top three in each of their group polls. Now it’s time to reveal the 16 wildcards that will join them!

The 24 Qualifiers from the group polls were-:

Saara Aalto- ‘DANCE!!!’

Ilse DeLange (Common Linnets)- ‘Lay Your Weapons Down’

Nathan Trent- ‘Won’t Let You Go’

The Fizz- ‘Up For the Fight’

Morland- ‘Leo’

Aminata- ‘Zero Love’

Benjamin Ingrosso- ‘Behave’

Eleni Foureira- ‘Caramela’

Emmelie de Forest- ‘History’

Nathan Trent and J-MOX- ‘Secrets’

Blanche- ‘Wrong Turn’

Zoe- ‘Heartbreaker’

Benjamin Ingrosso- ‘I Wouldn’t Know’

Celine Dion- ‘Ashes’

Mans Zelmerlow- ‘Happyland’

Melanie Rene- ‘Dancefloor’

Lena- ‘Solo Contigo’

Greta Salome- ‘Wildfire’

Benjamin Ingrosso and Felix Sandman- ‘Tror du att Han Bryr Sig’

Rykka- ‘Youth Is Wasted’

Timebelle- ‘Heartache’

Robin Bengtsson- ‘Liar’

Blissful (Svala)- ‘Find A Way’

Ryan O’Shaughnessy- ‘Civil War’


Eurovision NI’s Song of 2018- Wildcards:

Eleni Foureira- ‘Tomame’

Aminata- Don’t Talk About It’

Guy Sebastian- ‘Before I Go’

Aminata and Markus Riva- ‘Last Dance’

Anna Bergendahl- Raise the Vibe

Kati Wolf- ‘Underwater’

Svala- ‘Karma’

Douwe Bob- ‘Shine’

Kate Ryan- ‘Bring Me Down’

Mikolas Josef- ‘Me Gusta’

Nathan Trent- ‘Killer’

Robin Stjernberg- ‘I Don’t’

Melovin- ‘That’s Your Role’

Ieva Zasimauskiate- ‘Absorbed’

Laura Tesoro- ‘Mutual’

Loic Nottet- ‘On Fire’


Check back on 26 December when we will reveal the songs that placed 40-31!

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