FiK57 Semi Final Results!

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FiK57 Festivali i kenges albania eurovision 2019Albania’s selection show Festivali i Kenges began a few nights ago and we now have the line up for the final which will take place later this evening. 14 acts have made it through to the final, and there were a few upsets as one of the fan favourites Mirud did not advance to the Final.Also eliminated following the semi final shows were Lorela Sejdini, Aurel Thellimi, Bruno Pollogati, Elona Islamaj, Kelly, Klodiana Vata and Kuitim Prodani. The full list of the 14 finalists are below.

FiK57 Finalists

Bojken Lako- ‘Jeto jeten’

Dilan Reka- ‘Karma’

Eliza Hoxha- ‘Pengu’

Elton Deda- ‘Qetesisht’

Eranda Libohova- ‘100 pyetje’

Gjergj Leka- ‘Besoj’

Alar Band- ‘Dashuria nuk mjafton’

Jonida Maliqi- ‘Ktheju tokes’

Klint Collaku- ‘Me jete’

Lidia Lufi- ‘Rrefehem’

Marko Strazimiri and Imbro- ‘Leyla’

Orgesa Zaimi- ‘Hije’

Soni Malaj- ‘Do vij’

Artemisa Mithi & Febi Shkurti- ‘Dua ta besoj’

Albania will crown the winner of FiK this evening. Who do you think should represent the nation at Eurovision 2019?

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