Spain Reveal Songs for Operacion Triunfo Eurovision Gala!

Eurovision Guide 2019, News

Last night Famous was voted as the winner of Spanish reality TV talent competition Operacion Triunfo when the competition concluded with its final episode. The show will return on Boxing Day for a Christmas Gala and again in January when some of the students will be invited back to compete for the chance to represent Spain at Eurovision 2019. Spanish broadcaster RTVE revealed the titles of the 17 songs and line up for the show last week but today they have given us the first preview of the songs. Read on to hear the one minute snippets!

Spain Operacion Triunfo Eurovision Gala Participants

Famous- ‘No puedo más’

Miki- ‘La venda’

Miki- ‘El equilibrio’

Alba Reche- ‘¿Qué será luego?’

Miki and Natalia- ‘Nadie se salva’

Julia- ‘Qué quieres que haga’

Natalia- ‘La clave’

Sabela- ‘Dímelo de frente’

Sabela- ‘Hoy soñaré’

Noelia- ‘Hoy vuelvo a reír otra vez’

Marilia- ‘Todo bien’

María- ‘Muérdeme’

Carlos Right- ‘Se te nota’

Carlos Right- ‘Nunca fui’

Damion- ‘Sale’

Marta- ‘Vuelve’

Joan Garrido and Marilia- ‘A tu lado’

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