Romania Reveal Acts Competing in Selecta Nationala 2019!

Eurovision Guide 2019, News

Romania are the latest nation to reveal their plans for Eurovision 2019. Today Romanian broadcaster TVR released the names of the 24 artists competing in their selection show Selecția Națională in 2019 as well as the titles of their songs. The acts will compete in two semi finals on 20 and 27 January, with the successful songs from each semi final making it to the final on 17 February. Among the competitors is former Romanian Eurovision 2006 representative MIHAI who gave the nation one of their best ever results (4th place). Check out the full list below!

Selecția Națională 2019 Participants

M I H A I- ‘Baya’
Letitia Moisescu & Sensibil Balkan- ‘Daina’
Laura Bretan- ‘Dear Father’
Trooper- ‘Destin’
Xonia- ‘Discrete’
Johnny Badulescu- ‘Give Up Now’
Echoes- ‘High Heels On’
2 Gents- ‘Ielele’
Xandra- ‘Independent’
TWM- ‘Make Me Your Man’
Ester Peony’- On a Sunday’
Dan Bittman- ‘Pierd’
Olivier Kaye- ‘Right now’
Ommieh x Anarisez- ‘Rock this way’
Teodora Dinu- ‘Skyscraper’
Georgy- ‘Tears’
Berniceya- ‘The Call’
The Four- ‘The Song of My Heart’
Steam- ‘The Way It Goes’
Vaida- ‘Underground’
Claudiu Mirea- ‘We Are the Ones’
Nicola- ‘Weight of the World’
Dya & Lucian Colareza- ‘Without you (Sin ti)’
Aldo Blaga- ‘Your Journey’

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