France Announce 18 Destination Eurovision Contestants!


In a press conference at the end of this week the french broadcaster FR2 revealed 18 artists and song titles that will do battle for the crown in the nation’s Eurovision selection show Destination Eurovision in 2019.

Garou returns as host for the second year of Destination Eurovision which will consist of two semi finals and a final. The expert panel sees Christophe Willem return but last year’s judges Amir and Isabelle Boulay have been replaced by Vitaa and Andre Manoukian The 18 participants are:

Florina- ‘In The Shadows’

Aysat- ‘Comme une grande’

Ugo- ‘Ce qui me blesse’

Chimène Badi- ‘Là-haut’

Silvàn Areg- ‘Le Petit Nicolas’

Gabriella- ‘On cherche encore’

Doutson- ‘Sois un bon fils’

Seemone- ‘Tous les deux’

The Divaz- ‘La voix d’Aretha’

Emmanuel Moire- ‘La promesse’

Tracy de Sà- ‘Por Aqui’

Battista Acquaviva- ‘Passio’

Lautner- ‘J’ai pas le temps’

PhilipElise- ‘Madame la paix’

Bilal Hassani- ‘Roi’

Mazy- ‘Oulala’

Noémie- ‘Ma petite famille’

Naestro- ‘Le brasier’

Four songs from each of the semi finals will progress to the final. This will be decided by 50/50 jury/public vote. The songs are expected to debut in January, just before the first semi final is broadcast live.

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