Eurovision NI Song of 2018 Group 6: Results!

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Three more songs have advanced to the top 30 of our song of 2018. Readers have been voting all week and we can now reveal the three songs that have qualified.

Topping the poll with 29% of the vote was Greta Salome’s ‘Wildfire’. Also advancing was ‘Dancefloor’ by Melanie Rene and ‘Solo Contingo’ by Lena.

Greta Salome- ‘Wildfire’

Melanie Rene- ‘Dancefloor’

Lena- ‘Solo Contigo’

The full results are below:

  1. Greta Salome- ‘Wildfire’ (29.41%)
  2. Melanie Rene- ‘Dancefloor’ (19.12%)
  3. Lena- ‘Solo Contigo’ (13.24%)
  4. Robin Bengtsson- ‘Day By Day’ (8.82%)
  5. Emmelie de Forest- ‘Rabbit’ (7.35%)
  6. Norma John- ‘Hellfire’ (7.35%)
  7. Amir- ‘La Rue de ma Peine’ (5.88%)
  8. Francesco Gabbani- ‘Selfie del Selfie’ (4.41%)
  9. Lordi- ‘Your Cat’s Got My Tongue’ (2.94%)
  10. Francesca Michielin- ‘Tropicale’ (1.47%)

 The contest continues tomorrow with our next group of contenders. Be sure to check back then to vote for your favourites.

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