Hungary Announce the 30 Acts and Song Titles for A Dal 2019!

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Hungary are the latest nation to announce their plans for selecting their Eurovision song for 2019. They will carry on using their selection show A Dal which has served as their process for Eurovision selection since 2012. The competition will kick off on 19 January with its first heat. 

This year will see thirty acts compete across three heats. From these heats eighteen acts will advance to the two semi finals and then four from each semi final will make it to the final. Hungarian broadcaster MTVA announced the 30 acts and song titles that will battle it out in this year’s A Dal. Among them some familiar including former winners of A Dal Joci Papai (winner in 2017 with ‘Origo’) and Andras Kallay Saunders (who won as a solo artist in 2014 with ‘Running’ and who returns this year with band the Middletonz), as well as other past A Dal contestants yesyes, Oliver Berkes, Leander Kills and Olah Gergo. The full list of competitors is listed below:

A Dal 2019: Participating Acts

Akusztik Planet- ‘Nyári zápor’

Antal Tímea feat. Gergő- ‘Álmos világ’

Berkes Olivér- ‘Lighthouse’

Denise- ‘Ide várnak vissza’

Diana- ‘Little Bird’

Fatal Error- ‘Kulcs’

Gottie- ‘Csak egy perc’

Hajdú Klára- ‘You Gonna Rise’

Hamar Barni- ‘Wasted’

Hétli Dávid- ‘Mamahotel’

Konyha- ‘Szászor visszajátszott’

Kyra- ‘Maradj még’

Leander Kills- ‘Hazavágyó’

Mocsok Egy Kölyök- ‘Majd egyszer’

Monyo Projekt- ‘Run, Baby Run’

Nagy Bogi- ‘Holnap’

Nomád- ‘A remény hídjai’

Oláh Gergő- ‘Hozzád bújnék’

Pápai Joci- ‘Az én apám’

Pátkai Rozina- ‘Frida’

Petruska- ‘Help Me Other Day’

Ruby Harlem- ‘Forró’

Salvus- ‘Barát’

Szekér Gergő- ‘Madár, repülj’

The Middletonz- ‘Roses’

The Sign- ‘Ő’

USNK- ‘Posztolj’

Laszlái Barai- ‘Someone Who Leaves Like This’

Varga Bence- ‘Szótlanság’

YesYes- ‘Incomplete’

You can listen to snippets from all the competing songs on the A Dal website. Be sure to let us know which is your favourite!

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