Australia Decides Get First Four Acts!


In 2019, Australia will stage their first ever selection show for Eurovision. Australia Decides will take place in February in a live show on the nation’s Gold Coast. Over the past few weeks broadcaster SBS has been teasing us with some clips of the artists and asking us to guess who they are. But this evening they officially announced the first four acts that will compete in the competition that will decide their Eurovision artist and song for 2019.

The first four artists for the Australia selection are Sheppard, Kate Miller Heidke, Mark Vincent and Electric Fields.

Mark Vincent is an operatic singer best known for winning the third season of Australia’s Got Talent and who went on to release a number of Top 10 albums in Australia.

Sheppard are a six piece indie band who have been nominated for a number of ARIA awards and whose best known song is probably ‘Geronimo’ from their platinum selling debut album ‘Bombs Away’.

Kate Miller Heidke is a Brisbane born singer songwriter and actress. She too has a background in opera. Among others, she has performed as the lead role in the Jerry Springer Opera. Her musical style spans many genres as she has also released Bluegrass music and has performed with a number of bands including Transport and Elsewhere.

Finally the duo Electric Fields blends the unique voice of Zaachariaha Fielding and the spine-tingling electronica of producer Michael Ross is a seamless merging of pop, electronic and soul.

More acts are expected to join the list of contenders in due course.

Check out the contenders introducing themselves in this video released by SBS:

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