Brendan Murray among X-Factor Semi Finalists!


As we get ever closer to Christmas, the X-Factor UK has almost reached the end of its 2018 run. Following this weekend’s (No) Big Band theme and tonight’s results show, the acts have been reduced to just six. The first act to be eliminated this weekend with the fewest votes from the public was Bella Penfold. Their performance of London Grammar’s ‘Strong’ on Saturday night wasn’t enough to impress the viewers. She was automatically sent home.

Following this announcement the remaining two acts with the lowest amount of votes fought it out in the sing off. Shan was up first singing Andra Day’s ‘Rise Up’ as her save me song. This was followed by a performance from Aaliyah and Acacia who sang ‘Bang Bang’.

Their fates were now in the hands of the judges. As you’d expect Nile Rodgers standing in for Robbie Williams and Simon saved their own acts (Aaliyah and Acacia and Shan respectively). Then Louis Tomlinson saved Aaliyah and Acacia while Ayda Field saved Shan, taking it to deadlock. This meant to break the tie, they reverted to the public vote which went in favour of the duo.

The final six then are: Danny Tetley, Dalton Harris, Anthony Russell, Scarlet Lee, Aaliyah and Acacia and Ireland’s Eurovision 2017 singer Brendan Murray.

They will return for next weekend’s semi final which has the theme.

Guest performances from tonight’s show came from Cheryl who sang her latest single ‘Love Made Me Do It’ and Tom Walker who sang ‘Leave the Light On’.

Tune in next weekend for more X-Factor news. Who of the remaining acts are your faves?

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