Czech Out Czech Republic’s Plans for Eurovision 2019!

Eurovision Guide 2019, News

Czech broadcaster CT have announced that they will once again use a selection show to choose their Eurovision song and artist for 2019. They’ve rebranded slightly, changing the name to ESCZ 2019 (an abbreviation of Eurovision Song CZ).

Again the selection will take place completely online in an effort to engage a more youthful demographic and to get an artist and song that will be more current and representative of modern czech pop music. This worked triumphantly well for them in 2018 when the same process was responsible for choosing Mikolas Josef and his song ‘Lie to Me’ which gave the Czech Republic their best ever Eurovision result to date finishing sixth with 281 points.

The broadcaster closed the submission process on 31 October and are in the process of reviewing the 300 entries they have received. It is expected that they will finish their deliberations shortly after the Christmas break when they will be ready to reveal the names of the competitors.

The winner will be decided in a new revolutionary voting system. All the competing videos will be made available to fans via the official Eurovision app. An international jury of industry professionals will weigh in on proceedings and the jury vote will also include the combined app votes of fans external to the Czech Republic. The votes cast on the app from Czech fans will be tallied and added to the televote. The act with the highest score will then be chosen to represent Czechia at Eurovision 2019 and will be publicly announced at the end of January.

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