X-Factor Malta Moves to Boot Camp Stage!


This weekend X-Factor Malta progressed to the Boot Camp phase of the competition and with over 70 artists making it through the first round of auditions the judging panel (made up of Ira Losco, Howard Keith Debono, Ray Mercieca, and Alexandra Alden) would have their work cut out for them.

Below is a full list of contestants who have made it through to the Bootcamp phase. Among them are perennial MESC competitors; Danica Muscat, Franklin Calleja, Nicole Azzopardi, Aidan Cassar, Raquel Galdes and even Claudia Faniello’s mother Anna.

Aidan Cassar, Claudio Zammit, Clayton Portelli, Isaac Mercieca, Jake Bartolo, Jake Camilleri, James Mifsud, Jesmar Cassar, Kyle Cutajar, Luke Chappell, Mark Anthony Bartolo, Matthew Anthony Caruana, Marley Grech, Miguel Bonello, Mikhail Attard, Norbert Bondin, Owen Desira, Owen Leuellen, Owen Stivala, Ryan Axisa and Stefan Galea.

Aaliyah Mallia, Anthea Bezzina, Charisse Azzopardi, Charlene Rae Muscat, Chelsea Sciortino, Danica Muscat, Denise Mercieca, Diana Formosa, Elishia Semaan, Francesca Scerri, Gail Attard, Jade Vella, Jalisse Micallef, Karin Duff, Kaylie Magri, Kayley Cuschieri, Kelly Moncado, Kelsey Bellante, Kim Cortis, Maria Camilleri, Maria Vella, Mariah Mifsud Bonnici, Martha Micallef Attard, Martina Micallef, Maya Xuereb, Michela Galea, Michela Pace, Milena Bianco, Mireille Rose Borg, Miriana Conte, Nicole Azzopardi, Nicole Borg, Nicole Brincat, Nicole Falzon, Nicole Frendo, Nicole Hammett, Nicole Vella, Odelsie Camilleri, Rachel Mamo, Raisa Marie Micallef, Raquel Galdes, Raquel Seguna, Shannon McEvoy, Sarah Bonnici, Shauna Vassallo and Victoria Sciberras.

Over 25s
Aleandro Pace Tahir, Anna Azzopardi, Anna Faniello, Ben Purplle, Chris Grech, Dario Mifsud Bonnici, Dylan Debono, Franklin Calleja, Glen Paul Pace, Glenn Buhagiar, Janice DeBattista, Janice Mangion, Josef Tabone, Kurt Anthony, Laura Bruno, Lyndsey Pace, Mandy Randon, Maria Zammit, Mauro Kitcher, Nadine Fenech, Nazio Rotin, Petra Zammit, Rachel Tedesco Triccas, Ryan Grech and Vanessa Lee Sultana.

Clelis, G.O.L.D, Kayati, Matthew & Friends and WER1.

However, the time soon came for some of the Bootcamp qualifiers to get the boot, as judges revealed they had to whittle the contenders down to just 48. The first challenge saw contestants sing one of four songs; Lady Gaga- ‘A Million Reasons’ (Girls), Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth- ‘See You Again’ (Boys), Elton John- ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me’ (Overs), Temptation- ‘My Girl’ (Groups). The acts who made it through to the second challenge had to grab a song from the Wall of Songs and team up with three other acts to perform for the judges.

X-Factor Malta returns with the second day of Bootcamp on Sunday 18 November.

Do you have a clear favourite yet? Let us know which of the contestants you’d like to see represent Malta at Eurovision 2019.

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