All 12 Tracks From Benjamin Ingrosso’s Debut Album in Spotify Top 100!


Friday saw the release of Swedish pop star Benjamin Ingrosso’s debut album ‘Identification’. His fans have been eating the tracks up, as all 12 of the songs on the album have entered the Spotify Top 100 most streamed songs in Sweden at the weekend. 

Benjamin’s most recent single ‘Behave’ performed the best with 100,501 streams, placing it at number 7 in the chart. Just behind this is ‘I’ll Be Fine Somehow’ at number 19 with 63,956 streams and another of his singles ‘I Wouldn’t Know’ is at number 22 with 59,950. His Eurovision 2018 track ‘Dance You Off’ remains in the top 100 at number 62. Despite this great feat, he has been kept off the top spot by Ava Max’s song ‘Sweet But Psycho’.

Benjamin Ingrosso’s ‘Identification’ Chart Performance

7.  Behave (100,501 streams)

19. I’ll Be Fine Somehow (63,956 streams)

22. I Wouldn’t Know (59,950 streams)

23. So Good, So Fine When You’re Messing With My Mind (58,243 streams)

46. Spotlights (41,391 streams)

62. Dance You Off (31,070 streams)

64. No Sleep (30,089 streams)

71. Love Songs (29,180 streams)

72. Happiness (28,925 streams)

78. Good Intentions (28,237 streams)

84. If This Bed Could Talk (27,221 streams)

94. All I See Is You (24,576 streams)

Benji isn’t the only Melfest alum riding high in the charts. His best bud Felix Sandman three tracks in the top 100: ‘Lovisa’ (51), ‘Every Single Day’ (#63), ‘Imprint’ (#90), while Molly Sanden has four tracks in the top 100: ‘Kar i din karlek’ (12), ‘Sand’ (36), ‘Ingen som jag’ (74) and ‘Storre’ (91).

You can stream Benjamin Ingrosso’s album on Spotify here. Have a listen and tell us your favourite tracks!

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