New Music Round Up: July 2018 (Part Two)

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Now for part two of our New Music Round Up for July. In it we take a look at new releases from Russian girl band Serebro, Belgian songstress Blanche and two acts from this year’s Contest Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso and Swiss siblings Zibbz.

Serebro- 111307′


Serebro are possibly one of the biggest Russian girl bands of all time. They took to the Eurovision stage in 2007 and finished third with their song ‘Song#1’. The band have undergone quite a few line up changes since then but the trio continue to release their own brand of sexually explicit music, most notably the 2013 song ‘Mi Mi Mi’ which performed well in charts throughout Europe. Their recent success includes the songs ‘Chocolate’ and ‘My Money’ and now they add new song ‘111307’ to their list of singles. The song is a weird mix of ballad with an electro, dancier chorus. The video sees the ladies sexily bathing in lemon water, sexily reading books upside down, sexily oozing milk from their mouth, sexily spitting grapes into each other’s mouths and sexily strutting in the street in bras and pants. We get it, you’re sexy!

Zibbz- ‘Undun’


Sibling duo Corinne and Stefan Gfeller aka Zibbz represented Switzerland at this year’s Eurovision. Although they missed out on a place in the final, the pair were commended for their song ‘Stones’. This is followed up with their next single ‘UNDUN’, a drum infused power ballad with choral harmonies. Shot in black and white with glimmers of colour, the video sees a woman escape a boring pool side party and make a break for it on her own.

Benjamin Ingrosso- ‘I Wouldn’t Know’


It’s difficult not to love little Benjy Ingrosso. His cheeky smile is infectious and his battle with his jacket during his Eurovision 2018 performance of ‘Dance You Off’ is legendary. Benjy gave Sweden another top ten finish at Eurovision 2018 and since then he has gone on to have success with his Melfest buddy Felix Sandman on track ‘Tror du att han bryr sig’. He’s back with a new solo single called ‘I Wouldn’t Know’. It is a lot slower than what we’re used to from Benj. It’s certainly no ‘Dance You Off’ but has promise on the chorus and has potential to be a bit of a grower.

Kristian Kostov- ‘Get It’


Kristian Kostov gave Bulgaria their best ever Eurovision result in 2017 when he placed second with ‘Beautiful Mess’. Kristian’s inoffensive Bieberesque brand of pop music has won him fans the length and breadth of Europe and he’s spawned the hit singles ‘You Are My Fire’, ‘I Need You’ and collaboration with fellow Eurovision 2017 star JOWST ‘Burning Bridges’. 2018 sees the release of another new song from Kristian called ‘Get It’. It’s all a little samey: think ‘Beautiful Mess’ light. The repetition of ‘Get It, Get It, Get It, Get It’ with a dubstep beat on the chorus does work, but as a whole the song is a bit meh. There’s also something annoying about 18 year old angst.

Francesca Michielin- ‘Tropicale’


Francesca Michielin’s 2016 Eurovision song for Italy ‘No Degree of Separation’ may have failed to make much of an impression finishing only 16th. Since then however, the 23 year old has wowed us with the release of songs like ‘Vulcano’, ‘Bolivia’ and ‘Un Cuore in Due’. Her next single is her fourth release from her 2017 album ‘2640’ and is entitled ‘Tropicale’. The song lives up to its name with a tropical feel- xylophone/steel drums throughout. It’s nice to see Francesca try something new and move from slow ballads into a more lively number. The video is also fun with Fran acting as a dance instructor to a harem of dancers in different coloured trackies.

Svala- ‘For the Night’


Since her 2017 appearance at Eurovision for Iceland (and the unfortunate travesty of not qualifying with song ‘Paper’), Svala has focused her efforts on releasing music with her electro-band Blissful. The band had some great releases in the last few months including ‘Find A Way’ and ‘Make It Better’. Now she is ready to pursue solo material again with her next release ‘For the Night’. The track continues in the ambient electronic genre that we’re accustomed to with Svala and her side projects. It’s a great pop song with real dance appeal.

Blanche- ‘Soon’


Blanche is still riding the wave of success she achieved when she gave Belgium their third consecutive top ten finish at Eurovision 2017 with’City Lights’ finishing fourth. Her follow up track ‘Wrong Turn’ was released earlier this year to great adulation, including a nomination for Best New Song at the Eurovision NI Awards 2018. Her next release is called ‘Soon’. It is melancholic, broody and angelic. It doesn’t pack the same punch as ‘City Lights’ or ‘Wrong Turn’ but it’s a nice easy listening song. Maybe knock it on when you’re unwinding in the bath.

Check back next month for even more new releases!

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