Semi Final 2 Predictions (2018)

Eurovision continues tomorrow night with the second of the semi finals. Before this takes place, we make our predictions as to which ten of the eighteen countries will make it to Saturday’s final.We think the ten countries that will qualify from semi final 2 will be: Norway, Denmark, Russia, Moldova, The Netherlands, Australia, Poland, Hungary, Sweden and Ukraine.

Semi Final 2 Predictions

1. Norway: Alexander Rybak- ‘That’s How You Write a Song’

2. Romania: The Humans- ‘Goodbye’

3. Serbia: Sanja Ilic and Balkanika- ‘Nova Deca’

4. San Marino: Jessika ft Jenifer Brening- ‘Who We Are’

5. Denmark: Rasmussen- ‘Higher Ground’

6. Russia: Yulia Samoilova- ‘I Won’t Break’

7. Moldova: DoReDos- ‘My Lucky Day’

8. The Netherlands: Waylon- ‘Outlaw In Em’

9. Australia: Jessica Mauboy- ‘We Got Love’

10. Georgia: Iriao- ‘For You’

11. Poland: Gromee ft Lukas Meijer- ‘Light Me Up’

12. Malta: Christabelle- ‘Taboo’

13. Hungary: AWS- ‘Viszlat Nyar’

14. Latvia: Laura Rizzotto- ‘Funny Girl’

15. Sweden: Benjamin Ingrosso- ‘Dance You Off’

16. Montenegro: Vanja Radovanovic- ‘Inje’

17. Slovenia: Lea Sirk- ‘Hvala Ne’

18. Ukraine: Melovin- ‘Under the Ladder’

Who do you think will make it from semi final 2? Leave us a comment with your predictions below and be sure to watch the live show tomorrow to see if you were correct!

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  1. I have an almost identical prediction for semi-final 2, just swapped out Poland with Romania for the tenth spot. Should be another great show!

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