Review: Sevak Khanagyan- ‘Qami’ (Armenia)


Artist: Sevak Khanagyan

Song: Qami

Country: Armenia

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Ranking: 16th

Betting Odds: 101/1

Depi Evratesil was the Eurovision selection show that Armenia debuted in 2017. It was widely praised and after a rejig of the format, it was announced that it would return in 2018 for a second edition of three shows (two semi finals and a final). There were a number of familiar names in the mix. This included favourite to win Tamar Kaprelian who represented Armenia at Eurovision 2015 as part of the band Genealogy. In a shock result Tamar didn’t even advance from her semi final and instead the winner was Sevak Khanagyan.

Sevak Khanagyan teams up with Anna Danielyan and Viktorya Maloyan to pen the song ‘Qami’ for Lisbon. The song which translated into English means ‘Wind’ starts out as a gentle breeze but gains momentum as we blast through to the powerful chorus with the addition of Armenian flutes. The last third of the song is full blown hurricane with harmonies, drums and electric guitars.

I fully expect Armenia to use the hell out of a wind machine for the staging on this. I want crackles of thunder! I want flashes of lightning! I want to see scenery blow across the stage! Heck, I wanna see Dorothy’s house fall on the witch!

Armenia have had a decent run of success in Eurovision in recent years, most notably with strong finishes from Aram MP3 in 2014 and Iveta Mukuchyan in 2017. While I doubt ‘Qami’ has the strength to whoosh itself into the top ten, the song is about a 5 on the Beaufort Scale, enough to blow him into the final.

For more information on the artist here is 10 Things About…Sevak Khanagyan!

The full lyrics to the song are here and check out the video below!

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