Eurovision NI World Cup 2018: The Final!

Eurovision World Cup, Eurovision World Cup 2018

The Eurovision NI World Cup 2018 has reached its final. 43 countries began the journey a few weeks ago, but after the group stage, the round of 16, the quarter finals and the semi finals we have our two finalists! Finland- Saara Aalto- ‘Monsters’

Finland’s Saara Aalto has been a dominant force at Eurovision World Cup 2018. Her song ‘Monsters’ topped the poll for Group A with 80.11% of the vote. She went on to beat Sweden in the Round of 16, Bulgaria in the Quarter Finals and last week beat Australia in the Semi Finals.

Ukraine: Melovin- ‘Under the Ladder’

Ukraine’s Melovin was the runner up in Group H with 31.21% of the vote finishing second to Cyprus’ Eleni Foureira. Second place wasn’t an option in the rest of the competition and ‘Under the Ladder’ knocked out UK (Round of 16), Cyprus in a rematch (Quarter Final) and France in the Semis.

Finland and Ukraine will now face off against each other in the final and now for the last time it’s time to vote for your winner! The results will be revealed on Sunday 6 May.

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