Review: Zibbz- ‘Stones’ (Switzerland)


Artist: Zibbz

Song: Stones

Country: Switzerland

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

Ranking: 29th

Betting Odds: 501/1

Brother and sister duo Zibbz were chosen to represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2018 with their song ‘Stones’.

The song tackles the issue of cyber bullying. It criticises the world of trolls and keyboard warriors who cowardly hide behind their twitter accounts and say some truly nasty things to people they’ve perhaps never met and who wouldn’t say such things to that person in the flesh.

The song is very now and reflects issues that we encounter in modern society. Most notably it opens with the effective line ‘Wild joker on a gold throne. Blood diamond, summer home. Wrong people with the right to know. But I can’t do anything about it’. Add to this ‘We’re liars in the face of facts’ and you can’t help but feel that Zibbz are taking a pop at President Donald Trump and the era of fake news.

The scariest revelation in the song is that they are powerless to do anything about it. You can report a Twitter troll and have their account suspended but there is nothing to stop them from creating a new account with a different name and continue their harassment.

‘Stones’ is as worthy in its musical craft as it is in its tackling of a big social issue. The opening drum beat is perfectly the harmonised with the backing vocalists’ ‘mmm mmm’s. Centre stage though is Corinne’s raspy vocal which adds gravitas to her tirade on the twitter trolls.

Random musing about the song: maybe I’ve been watching too much of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but when they sing ‘No I ain’t throwing stones’, I can’t help but replace ‘stones’ with ‘shade’.

Switzerland will compete in slot 17 of the first semi final and it will be touch and go whether or not they make it through to the final.

For more information on the artist here is 10 Things About…Zibbz!

The full lyrics to the song are here and check out the video below!

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