Eurovision NI World Cup 2018 Round of 16: Results!

Eurovision World Cup, Eurovision World Cup 2018

For the past week you have been voting in the Round of 16 stage of the 2018 edition of the Eurovision NI World Cup. From the 43 countries that started out, sixteen have progressed to the second stage and now we can reveal the winner of each duel. Only eight can make it to the Quarter Final Round! Here are the results!Match 1 saw Finland’s Saara Aalto square off against Benjamin Ingrosso from Sweden. Saara’s ‘Monsters’ was triumphant over Benjamin’s ‘Dance You Off’ winning with 89% to 11%. The second battle was between Netta and Equinox with the Bulgarian band’s ‘Bones’ (58%) beating out to the Israeli singer’s ‘Toy’ (42%). The third match up saw Madame Monsieur’s song ‘Mercy’ (55%) secure victory for France over Ireland’s Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s song ‘Together’ (45%). Albania’s Eugent Bushpepa gained a narrow win against Germany’s Michael Schulte. ‘Mall’ received 51% of the vote to ‘You Let Me Walk Alone”s 49%.

Jessica Mauboy was victorious in Battle 5 for Australia. Her song ‘We Got Love’ received 56%, knocking out the Spanish duo Alfred and Amaia who managed 44% for their song ‘Tu Canción’. Up next was Czech Republic v. The Netherlands with the Czech entry getting 54% of the vote for ‘Lie to Me’ while returning artist Waylon was knocked out with ‘Outlaw In Em’ (46%). The penultimate battle saw the UK’s Surie unable to weather the ‘Storm’ which saw Melovin from the Ukraine’s song ‘Under the Ladder’ progress with a convincing win of 74% to 26%. Finally ‘Fuego’ by the Cypriot entrant Eleni Foureira (75%) was victorious over the Belgian song ‘A Matter of Time’ by Sennek (25%).

The eight winning artists from Finland, Bulgaria, Albania, France, Australia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Cyprus have advanced to the Quarter Final round. The poll for this round is now opened until 25 April. You can vote in these match ups here. The full results are below:

Eurovision NI World Cup 2018- Round of 16- Results

Saara Aalto- ‘Monsters’ (Finland) 89.34% v Benjamin Ingrosso- ‘Dance You Off’ (Sweden) 10.66%

Netta- ‘Toy’ (Israel) 41.56% v Equinox- ‘Bones’ (Bulgaria) 58.44%

Madame Monsieur- ‘Mercy’ (France) 54.55% v Ryan O’Shaughnessy- ‘Together’ (Ireland) 45.45%

Eugent Bushpepa- ‘Mall’ (Albania) 50.98% v Michael Schulte- ‘You Let Me Walk Alone’ (Germany) 49.02%

Jessica Mauboy- ‘We Got Love’ (Australia) 56.36% v Alfred and Amaia- Tu Canción’ (Spain) 43.64%

Mikolas Josef- ‘Lie To Me’ (Czech Republic) 53.85% v Waylon- ‘Outlaw In ‘Em’ (The Netherlands) 46.15%

SuRie- ‘Storm’ (United Kingdom) 26.32% v Melovin- ‘Under the Ladder’ (Ukraine) 73.68%

Eleni Foureira- ‘Fuego’ (Cyprus) 75.45% v SENNEK- ‘A Matter of Time’ (Belgium) 24.55%

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