Review: Vanja Radovanovic- ‘Inje’ (Montenegro)

Artist: Vanja Radovanovic

Song: Inje

Country: Montenegro

Rating: ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆

Ranking: 41st

Betting Odds: 501/1

In a recent interview with Rylan on the BBC, Vanja Radovanovic jokes that his Eurovision 2018 song is ‘the song that nobody understands’, referring to the fact that it is performed in Montenegrin. This is an unfair summation, as some of the previous entries that have been sung in the language have been absolutely beautiful. ‘Moj svijet’, the 2014 entry for Montenegro by Sergej Ćetković for instance is an absolutely beautiful song. ‘Inje’ however is no ‘Moj svijet’.

The opening few chords of ‘Inje’ sound familiar, a little bit like Armenia’s 2015 entry ‘Face the Shadow’. This sets the tone for the rest of the song which sounds like so many other mediocre Eurovision songs in recent years that failed to make a mark on the competition. At times it sounds like Jacques Houdek’s ‘My Friend’ (but not the memorable parts), and other times it sounds like the song ‘Adio’ by creepfest Knez and then in other parts sounds like equally creepy Serhat’s ‘I Didn’t Know’.

Vanja does put his own spin on the Classical genre, mixing Pop with Opera. His voice is very accomplished and probably one of the strongest in the Contest this year, however the song is just a little bit staid, solemn and monotonous.

The video fares a little better. It opts for a fairytale vibe with Vanja in prison while a princess character wanders the woods in the snow being stalked by masked figures who eventually cause her to levitate above the beautiful Montenegrin landscape below. Also in play is a massive game of chess in a castle, sinister hands coming through walls and Vanja singing in front of an orchestra.

For more information on the artist here is 10 Things About…Vanja Radovanovic!

The full lyrics to the song are here and check out the video below!

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