Eurovision World Cup 2018: Group B Results!

Eurovision World Cup 2018, News

The Eurovision NI World Cup returns for the third consecutive year in 2018. Group B saw The Humans, Madame Monsieur, Eugent Bushpepa, Zibbz, Eye Cue and Ari Olafsson do battle for Romania, France, Albania, Switzerland, Macedonia and Iceland respectively for the two spots in the next round. You’ve been voting since Thursday and now it’s time to reveal the results!Madame Monsieur topped the poll with 43% of the vote for their song ‘Mercy’, while Albanian singer Eugent Bushpepa came in second with 20% of the vote for ‘Mall’. These two songs will advance to the knock out rounds while Iceland, Switzerland, Macedonia and Romania have been eliminated.

Eurovision NI World Cup 2018- Group B Results

1. Madame Monsieur- ‘Mercy’ (France)- 42.71%

2. Eugent Bushpepa- ‘Mall’ (Albania)- 19.79%

3. Zibbz- ‘Stones’ (Switzerland)- 15.63%

4. Eye Cue- ‘Lost and Found’ (Macedonia)- 11.46%

5. The Humans- ‘Goodbye’ (Romania)- 6.25%

6. Ari Olafsson- ‘Our Choice’ (Iceland)- 4.17%

The poll for Group C is now live and you can vote for your favourites in that group here.

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