10 Things About…Eye Cue!

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Eye Cue will represent Macedonia at Eurovision 2018. Here is 10 Things About the band!

1. Eye Cue are a Macedonian duo consisting of singers Bojan Trajkovski and Marija Ivanovska.

2. The band formed in Skopje in 2008 and they tend to perform pop rock and alternative rock songs.

3. The band occasionally collaborate with the drummer Ivo Mitkovski.

4. The group had their first big chart success with ‘Magija’ in 2008 the debut from their first album ‘Superstar Wannabe’.

5. This was followed up with the 2010 release of ‘Not This Time’. The song entered the MTV Adria Top 20.

6. In June 2012, the band’s latest release ‘Ista pateka’ was promoted on MTV Adria where it immediately reached number 2 in the charts. The song was widely played on local radio stations and even won an award at the end of the year for being one of the five most played song on all the radio stations in the country. The song reached no. 11 on the year end MTV Adria Chart.

7. So far they have been a part of major festivals in Macedonia and the region like Taksirat, Exit, Schengen Fest, Streets Fest, Vevchani, Pivolend, Ohrid Beach Fest and Alarm.

8. In 2015 the band entered the Macedonian song competition ‘Skopje Fest’. They won the competition with their song ‘Ubava’.

9. In 2018 382 entries were entered into the Macedonian Eurovision internal selection process. The band entered their song ‘Lost and Found’ and after three untelevised elimination rounds, they were one of the twelve shortlisted songs. The remaining songs were evaluated by a jury of experts and it was decided by a considerable margin that Eye Cue would represent the nation at Eurovision 2018. In an official statement, the jury commended Eye Cue and ‘Lost and Found’ for its modern sound, excellent vocal abilities and a very remarkable refrain and lyrics.

10. Their song ‘Lost and Found’ has been produced Darko Dimitrov and was co-written by band member Bojan Trajkovski.

Check out ‘Lost and Found’ here:


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