Eurovision World Cup 2018: How It Works!

Eurovision World Cup, News

The Eurovision NI World Cup kicked off in 2016 crowning Ireland’s Nicky Byrne as the first champion. It returned in 2017 and the final was won by Israel’s Imri Ziv. The competition returns for a third year but who will join the Hall of Champions? Find out how the competition works.

We have placed all the countries competing in Eurovision into different pots depending on their status/geographical location/history in the contest to make the draw fairer. This draw then determined the group stage with one act from each pot in each group (see below).


Group A  Group B Group C Group D
Finland Iceland Australia UK
Russia Switzerland Netherlands Belgium
Serbia Macedonia Armenia Latvia
Greece Albania Croatia Italy
Bulgaria France Malta Belarus
Romania Moldova
Group E Group F Group G Group H
Sweden Ireland Denmark Norway
Slovenia Germany Czech Rep Austria
Lithuania Georgia Estonia Ukraine
Israel Hungary Montenegro Azerbaijan
Portugal San Marino Spain Cyprus

We will ask you to vote for your favourite in each group in our poll. Dates of when each poll will be active are below:

Group A- Poll opens 18 March, Poll closes 22 March

Group B– Poll opens 22 March, closes 25 March

Group C- Poll opens 25 March, closes 29 March

Group D– Poll opens 29 March, closes 1 April

Group E- Poll opens 1 April, closes 5 April

Group F– Poll opens 5 April, closes 8 April

Group G- Poll opens 8 April, closes 11 April

Group H– Poll opens 11 April, closes 15 April


Start Voting!!! Two acts from each of the groups will advance to the Round of 16 (which will take place in the form of one on one battles from 15-22 April), this is followed by the Quarter Finals (22-25 April), Semi Finals (25-29 April) and finishing with the Final (29 April-6 May).

Let us know what you think...

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