10 Things About…AWS!

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AWS will represent Hungary at Eurovision 2018. Here are 10 Things About…AWS!

1. AWS are five piece band from Budakeszi in Hungary. The current line up consists of Bence Brucker, Dániel Kökényes, Örs Siklósi, Áron Veress and Soma Schiszler.

2. Previous members of the band have included Marcell Varga, Gergő Varga, Bence Petrik and Ákos Illisz.

3. They are a rock/metal band but describe themselves more specifically as ‘metalcore’ and ‘post-hardcore’.

4. Their music is characterized by diversity, powerful performances, and sudden changes, which utilizes metal, psychedelic rock, alternative and post-rock styles.

5. Up to now, they have released three singles and three albums; ‘Fata Morgana’ (2011), ‘Égésföld’ (2014) and ‘Kint a vízből’ (2016).

6. Their music videos often have juxtapositions of images of violence and celebrities in order to bring light to problems that the world faces.

7. Since the formation of their band, they have played in festivals such as Sziget Festival and have even toured beyond Hungary in places such as Austria, England, Romania, and Slovenia. They have also toured with Blind Myself.

8. They won the MTV Brand award for New Winning Band in 2011.

9. On 6 December 2017, it was announced that AWS will compete in A Dal 2018, the Hungarian national selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Their song ‘Viszlát nyár’ recieved 45 points in their heat, advancing to the semi final round. In their semi final, they came first and made it to the final and then went on to win the overall competition over acts such as yesyes, Gergely Danielfy and Viktor Kiraly.

10. Their Eurovision song ‘Viszlát nyár’ has already had great success in Hungary reaching number one in the Hungary singles chart.

Check out the song below:

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