10 Things About…Elina Nechayeva!

10 Things About...

Elina Nechayeva will represent Estonia with ‘La Forza’. Here’s 10 Things About…the singer!

1. Elina Nechayeva was born 10 November 1991 in Tallinn, Estonia.

2. She is a soprano and typically sings operatic pop and classical crossover songs.

3. Elina graduated from Tallinn French School in 2011.

4. For 15 years she has sang in the Raduga Choir.

5. In 2016, she graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre with a Master’s degree in Classical Singing.

6. Her public debut came in the third season of ‘Eesti otsib superstaari’, where she participated, but was eliminated in the preliminary girls’ round.

7. She participated in the ETV competition ‘Klassikatähed 2014’ and she was one of the three finalists.

8. In 2017 Elina hosted the semi-finals of Eesti Laul alongside Marko Reikop.

9. She returned to Eesti Laul in 2018, this time as a contestant. She competed with her song ‘La Forza’, an Italian-language song.

10. She competed in the first semi final on 10 February, advancing to the final on 3 March. She gained 12 points from the jury and 12 from the public televote giving her a total of a maximum 24 points. This saw her advance to the superfinal where she was crowned the winner over Vaje and the 2015 Estonian Eurovision representative Stig Rasta. Not only is her vocal impressive but the staging sees her wear one of the biggest dresses imaginable with a spectacular light show projected on to it!

Check out ‘La Forza’ here:

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