10 Things About…Alekseev!

10 Things About...

Alekseev will represent Belarus at Eurovision 2018. Here’s 10 Things About…

1. Nikita Vladimirovich Alekseev known professionally as simply Alekseev, is a Ukrainian singer and songwriter born 18 May 1993 in Kiev.

2. When he was one and a half years old his family moved to Chita, two years later his family returned to Kiev. Alekseev attended Kiev Specialized School No. 106.

3. At the age of 12, Alekseev became very interested in music and singing and was taught by Konstantin Pona.

4. He later started his own band called Mova.

5.  Alekseev graduated from university with a degree in Marketing.

6. Alekseev cites Queen, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, George Michael and Justin Timberlake as his musical influences.

7. He began his music career proper in 2014 when he competed in season four of ‘The Voice of Ukraine’. During ‘the Voice’ blind auditions, Ani Lorak turned her chair for Alekseev, but he did not go beyond the first live broadcast. As a consolation prize, Ani Lorak helped Alekseev shoot the music video for his debut single ‘Everything is in Time’.

8. In September 2015, Alekseev released ‘Pyanoye solntse’ (Drunken Sun). The song was written by Vitaly Kurovsky and Rusland Quint and an accompanying music video directed by Alan Badoyev sees Alekseev kill his alter ego after breaking up with a girl. The subsequent singles, ‘Dreams of Shards’, ‘Oceans of Steel’ and ‘Feeling Soul’ also had music videos directed by Alan Badoev.

9. Alekseev has received nominations for a number of prestigious awards including Breakthrough Artist of The Year at the Russian MUZ-TV Awards and Breakthrough Artist of The Year at the Ukrainian M1 Music Awards (2016), ZD Awards and Top Hit Music Awards in the categories ‘Breakthrough Artist of The Year’, ‘Artist of The Year’, ‘Take-Off of The Year’, ‘Most Frequently Played on The Radio’ for the track ‘Drunken Sun’ and ‘Most Popular Radio Artist’.

10. Alekseev competed in the Belorussian Eurovision selection process for 2018. He won the contest with his song ‘Forever’. Despite controversy surrounding the song’s release (a Russian language version was available prior to the strict EBU cut off date of 1 September 2017, and several competitors in the process threatened to pull out if it was allowed to compete) Alekseev won with maximum 12 points from both the jury and the public and finished a massive ten points ahead of second place Gunesh.

Check out ‘Forever’ here:

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