Ireland’s Ryan O’Shaughnessy Courts Controversy Claiming Russia Tried to Ban Video!

The Irish representative for Eurovision 2018 Ryan O’Shaughnessy has caused some controversy with a tweet he published yesterday. The tweet in question claims that Russia have tried to ban the music video for his Eurovision song ‘Together’ due to its inclusion of two men dancing together. The Russian federal law ‘…for the Purpose of Protecting Children from Information Advocating for a Denial of Traditional Family Values’ is a law currently in place in Russia which prohibits the promotion of what it sees as ‘Gay Propaganda’. The law has been widely criticised throughout the nation by LGBT activists however the law still remains in place.

O’Shaughnessy claims in his tweet that as a result of this law, his Eurovision music video had been banned in the country due to its depiction of two male dancers carrying out a romantic choreographed routine in a Dublin street.

Twitter users were quick to point out that there was no factual evidence that Russia had indeed banned the video from being broadcast, and instead was a speculative and unsubstantiated report from pinksixtynews in a video which was shared by O’Shaughnessy along with the tweet. Some fans even pointed out that this would be in breach of the Eurovision rules and would lead to the EBU punishing Russia for such actions. One user commented that:

Others accused the singer of being deliberately controversial in order to gain attention for his Eurovision song:

Another user criticised the tone of the tweet, especially the aggressive and confrontational use of the hashtag #IDareYou, saying that this is not in the spirit of the contest:

Other users supported the singer and were particularly complimentary of the music video:

Check out Ryan’s video for ‘Together’ here:

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