It’s Benjamin Ingrosso for Sweden at Eurovision 2018!

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Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2018 has drawn to a close this evening following the hosting of its final in Stockholm. Twelve acts were in contention with eight qualifying directly from their heats and a further four joining them from the second chance show last week. In the end up Benjamin Ingrosso has been crowned the champ for 2018 and will represent Sweden in Lisbon in May with the song ‘Dance You Off’. Read on to get a round up of the full results.
The Final was hosted by David Lindgren. The night was not without controversy. Renaida experienced technical difficulties which meant after all songs had performed, that she was allowed to perform for a second time.

After the jury votes were revealed Benjamin Ingrosso led the field with 114 points, with Felix Sandman in second with 94 and then a long way back in third was John Lundvik with 66.

The public televotes were then added to the jury votes. Benjamin topped this vote as well with 64 points and he was announced as the winner with ‘Dance You Off’. The full results are below:

Melfest Final Results- Stockholm 10 Mar

1. Benjamin Ingrosso- ‘Dance You Off’ (114 points + 67 points = 181 points)

2. Felix Sandman- ‘Every Single Day’ (94 points + 64 points = 158 points)

3. John Lundvik- ‘My Turn’ (66 points + 62 points = 128 points)

4. Samir and Viktor- ‘Shuffla’ (54 points + 60 points = 114 points)

5. Mariette- ‘For You’ (64 points + 49 points = 113 points)

6. LIAMOO- ‘Last Breath’ (52 points + 53 points = 105 points)

7. Margaret- ‘In My Cabana’ (62 points + 41 points = 103 points)

8. Martin Almgren- ‘A Bitter Lullaby’ (43 points + 41 points = 84 points)

9. Renaida- ‘All the Feels’ (30 points + 51 points = 81 points)

10. Rolandz- ‘Fuldans’ (24 points + 51 points = 75 points)

11. Jessica Andersson- ‘Party Voice’ (33 points + 37 points = 70 points)

12. Mendez- ‘Everyday’ (2 points + 62 points = 64 points)

Check out the winning song below:

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