Alexander Rybak Returns to Eurovision for Norway in 2018!

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Tonight saw ten acts compete to be named the Eurovision representative for Norway at the contest in 2018. Among the competitors in the final of the Melodi Grand Prix included two former Norwegian representative Aleksander Walmann and (2009 Eurovision winner) Alexander Rybak, as well as the ‘You Look So Much Better When You’re Naked’ singer Ida Maria.


After the ten acts had performed, the jury votes were revealed and four of the acts were shortlisted for the Gold Superfinal. These were Aleksander Walmann, Alexander Rybak, Stella and Alexandra and Rebecca.

After the second round of voting, Aleksander Walmann and Stella and Alexandra were ruled out leaving just Alexander Rybak and Rebecca in the final two. Alexander Rybak was announced as the winner and will go on to represent Norway at Eurovision 2018 with the song ‘That’s How You Write a Song’. This will be the second time he has represented Norway at Eurovision, having won in 2009 with his song ‘Fairytale’.

The full results are below:

Melodi Grand Prix 2018 Results

  1. Alexander Rybak- ‘That’s How You Write a Song’ 

  2. Rebecca- ‘Who We Are’

  3. Aleksander Walmann- ‘Talk to the Hand’

  4. Stella and Alexandra- ‘You Got Me’

Eliminated after round 1 of voting:

Ida Maria- ‘Scandilove’
Nicoline- ‘Light Me Up’
Tom Hugo- ‘I Like I Like I Like’
Charla K- ‘Stop the Music’
Alejandro Fuentes-‘ Tengo Otra’ (I have another)
Vidar Villa- ‘Moren din’ (Your mother)

Check out the winning song here:

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