10 Things About…Yianna Terzi!

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Yianna Terzi is the Greek pick for Eurovision 2018. Learn more about the singer and her career with our 10 Things About…

1. Yianna Terzi was born on 7 May 1980 in Thessaloniki in Greece and is a Greek singer and songwriter.

2. She is the daughter of the famous singer Paschalis Terzis.

3. At age 20, she moved to Athens to pursue a music career, releasing her debut album ‘Gyrna to kleidi’ in 2006 through Cobalt Music.

4. She later signed to Minos EMI and released the follow up album ‘Ase me na taxidepso’ in 2008 along with the lead single of the same name.

5. Since then Yianna has moved to the United States. Here she has worked as a talent scout for the internationally renowned record company Interscope Records.

6. In 2012, while living in New York she released her first English-language single entitled ‘Love Is Your Name’ under the mononym Yianna. This received great acclaim and was played in many of the city’s underground clubs.

7. Yianna was selected as one of the twenty shortlisted artists for the Ellinikós Telikós 2018, representing Panik Records in the contest. Five of these twenty including Yianna were shortlisted to appear in a televised national final, however following the disqualification of two of the acts and two of the other acts refusing to pay the admission fee, Yianni was the only eligible artist left and was selected to be the Greek Eurovision representative for 2018.

8. Shortly after the selection fiasco, Greek broadcaster ERT revealed Yianna’s song ‘Óneiró mou’ along with an accompanying music video in February 2018.

9. Yianna has co-written the song with Aris Kalimeris, whose previous Eurovision credentials include Moldova’s 2009 entry ‘Hora din Moldova’ which was performed by Nelly Ciobanu and which made it to the Grand Final and finished 14th .

10. In a recent interview, following her selection she commented that:

‘I am very happy and touched of my participation in the contest. It came to me very suddenly, like a gift! Eurovision has been a dream for me that is now coming true. When I was young, I used to watch the contest and and I was forcing all my friends and family to watch it too!’

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