10 Things About…Jessika and Jenifer Brening!


Jessika teams up with Jenifer Brening for the 2018 San Marino entry. Find out more about the duo with 10 Things About…Jessika and Jenifer Brening!

1. Jessika Muscat was born 27 February 1989 in Mosta, Malta. She is known more commonly as the mononym Jessika.

2. Jessika has competed in Malta’s Eurovision selection contest MESC for eight consecutive years between 2009 and 2016.

3. Her previous attempts included ‘Smokescreen’ (2009, did not advance to national final), ‘Fake’ (2010, did not advance to national final), ‘Down, Down, Down’ (2011, 15th), ‘Dance Romance’ (2012, did not advance to the national final), ‘Ultraviolet’ (2013, 8th), ‘Hypnotica’ (2014, joint 8th with Christabelle), ‘Fandango’ (2015, 9th) and ‘The Flame’ (2016, 7th)

4. Jessika also participated in the selection process for Malta’s Junior Eurovision selection in 2004. Her song ‘Precious Time’ finished last in a field of sixteen contenders, losing out to the overall winners Young Talent Team. The representative for Malta at Eurovision 2018 Christabelle Borg also competed in this contest and she finished third with song ‘One Way Journey’. Who will win the rematch in Lisbon?

5. As well as singing, Jessika has pursued acting and currently fills the role of Emma in daily Maltese soap opera ‘Ħbieb u Għedewwa.

6. After having taken a year out in 2017 from participating to compete at Eurovision, she returned this time to compete in the San Marinese online selection process for 2018 1in360. She proved popular and was given a slot as one of the eleven finalists in the contest. She competed in the two semi final rounds firstly as a solo artist with the song ‘Out of the Twilight’ and also teamed up with IROL (the only singer from San Marino in the competition) on the songs ‘Stick Without Me’ and ‘Who We Are’.

7. ‘Who We Are’ was one of the songs that progressed to the final on 3 March. IROL however was replaced on the song by another singer in the competition Jenifer Brening.

8. Jenifer Brening was born 15 December 1996 in the German capital Berlin.

9. As well as being an accomplished vocalist she also is known for her rap skills.

10. ‘Who We Are’ won the 1in360 Contest and will represent San Marino at Eurovision 2018. The song is composed and written by the Austrian 2016 Eurovision singer and 1in360 panelists Zoë Straub as well as Christof Straub, Lorenzo Salvatori and Mathias Strasser with additional rap lyrics from Jenifer Brening.

Check out ‘Who We Are’ here:

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