Poll Results: Portugal Festival Da Cancao 2018

Salvador SobralReigning Eurovision champions Portugal will choose their act for Eurovision 2018 this evening, ahead of that we reveal the results of our poll!

The full results are below:

Semi Final 1 (18 February)

1. Diogo Piccara- ‘Cancao Do Fim’ (18%)

2. Peu Madureira- ‘Só Por Ela’ (16%)

3. Janeiro- ‘Oficialmente (sem título)’ (13%)

4. Anabela- ‘Para Te Dar Abrigo’ (10%)

5. Maria Ines Paris- ‘Bandiera Azul’ (9%)

6. Lili- ‘O Voodas Cegonhas’ (8%)

7. Catarina Miranda- ‘Para Sorrir Não Preciso de Nada’ (7%)

8. Beatriz Pessoa- ‘Eu Te Amo’ (6%)

9. Peter Serrado- ‘Sunset’ (4%)

10. Minni and Rhayra- ‘Patati Patata’ (3%)

11. Joana Barrabás- ‘Anda Estragar-me os Planos’ (2%)

12. Rui David- ‘Sem Medo’ (2%)

13. David Pessoa- ‘Amor Veloz’ (1%)

14. Joana Espadim- ‘Zero a Zero’ (0%)


Tune in later this evening to find out if Diogo can do it!


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