It’s Ari Olafsson for Iceland at Eurovision 2018!

Eurovision Guide 2018, News

Tonight the Icelandic broadcaster RUV finished their search for an act and song for Eurovision 2018, crowning Ari Olafsson their champion for 2018. He will sing the song ‘Our Choice’ in Lisbon in May.The show saw the six qualifiers from the two semi finals battle it out. In the first round the two acts with the most combined votes from jury and televise advanced to the superfinal. This was Dagur Sigurdson and Ari Olafsson. Ari then beat Dagur in the superfinal. Here are the full results:

First Round

1. Dagur Sigurdson- ‘I Stormi’ (44,730 votes)

2. Ari Olafsson- ‘Our Choice’ (35,861 votes)

3. Heimilistónar- ‘Kúst og fæjó’ (31,802 votes)

4. Aron Hannes- ‘Golddigger’ (30,938 votes)

5. Fokus- ‘Battleline’ (25,950 votes)

6. Attan- ‘Here For You’ (13,997 votes)


Dagur Sigurdson- ‘I Stormi’

Ari Olafsson- ‘Our Choice’

Listen to the winning song below:

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