10 Things About…The Humans!

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The Humans will take to the stage for Romania at Eurovision 2018. They will sing their song ‘Goodbye’. Find out more about the band with our 10 Things About…

1. The Humans are a six piece band from Bucharest who formed in 2017.

2. They consist of vocalist Cristina Caramarcu, Alexandru Cismaru (guitar), Alexandru Matei (keyboards), Alin Neagoe (bass), Adi Tetrade (drums) and Corina Matei.

3. The band typically perform in the genres pop, rock and funk.

4. The Humans were celebrating their one-year anniversary as a band on the day that they were chosen to represent Romania at Eurovision 2018.

5. Although they’ve been together for a year, the band have only one release prior to their Eurovision song ‘Goodbye’. This was called ‘Îndură inima’ and was released in 2017.

6. The band perform under the motto ‘We Believe in Humanity’ and this is present in their music, performance, lyrics and artistic spirit. It is also where the band’s name is derived from.

7. The Humans’s lead singer Cristina worked with the band Jukebox on their song ‘Come On Everybody’ which competed in Selectia Nationala 2016. The song missed out on reaching the final and maybe that was a good thing because eventual winner Ovidiu Anton had to withdraw from Eurovision due to unsettled finances with the EBU.

8. The Humans competed in the Romanian selection show for Eurovision 2018 Selecția Națională against 59 other acts. They topped the jury vote in the fifth semi final with 58 out of a maximum 60 points, advancing to the final.

9. In the final they impressed again, this time topping the televote with 3,277 votes and beating off stiff competition from fan favourites MIHAI, TIRI and Alexei and Matei.

10. The Humans will sing their song ‘Goodbye’ in the first half of the second semi final on 10 May. The song is about conveying a message of hope to all those who battle depression and negative thoughts and is inspired by the band members’ own personal experiences.  The band comment that ‘The song is a manifest towards helping those in need who fight their demons alone, in the dark. We are becoming more and more dehumanized and self-centered, turning a blind eye to the ones around us, while we should reach out and rescue our kind.’ Check out the song:

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