Poll Results: Poland Krajowe Eliminacje 2018!

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Poland will host the final of its Eurovision 2018 selection show Krajowe Eliminacje on 3 March. You have been voting for your favourite of the ten contenders in our poll. It’s time to find out who won the vote!

Poland Poll Results:

1. Ifi Ude- ‘Love is Stronger’ (24.49%)

2. Future Folk- ‘Krakowiacy I Gorale’ (22.45%)

3. Pablosson- ‘Sunflower’ (14.29%)

4. Gromee- ‘Light Me Up’ (11.22%)

5. Marta Galuszewska- ‘Why Don’t We Go’ (8.16%)

6. Monika Urlik- ‘Momentum’ (7.14%)

7.Saszan- ‘Nie Chce Ciebie Mniej’ (6.12%)

8. Happy Prince- ‘Don’t Let Go’ (4.08%)

9. Isabell Otrebus- ‘Delirium’ (2.04%)

10. Maja Hyzy- ‘Skin’ (0.00%)


Listen to the winning song by Ife Ude below and tune in tomorrow night to find out if she will be triumphant!


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