10 Things About…Ryan O’Shaughnessy!

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Ireland have chosen Ryan O’Shaughnessy for Eurovision 2018. The singer will perform ‘Together’ in the first semi final on 8 May. Get to know him better with these 10 Things About…Ryan O’Shaughnessy.

1. Ryan O’Shaughnessy was born in Skerries, a seaside town on the outskirts of Dublin in 1992, He is a singer/songwriter and actor and can play several instruments including guitar, piano and saxophone.

2. Ryan began his career as an actor playing the role of Mark Halpin in the long running RTE soap Fair City.

3. After ten years in the soap, O’Shaughnessy left Fair City to pursue a career in music and studied at Dublin music college BIMM as a songwriter. In 2012 he penned his first collection of songs.

4. O’Shaughnessy was a contestant on the first series of ‘The Voice of Ireland’. He was co-opted into team of Ireland’s Eurovision 2010 representative Brian Kennedy. Brian was impressed with his performances of songs such as U2’s ‘One’ and ‘The Power of Love’ by Huey Lewis and the News. He was eliminated in the first live show.

5. During his stint on the Voice of Ireland, Ryan also auditioned for ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent show for their 2012 series. Ryan was controversially disqualified for being under contract with Universal Records. This decision was upturned when Ryan was subsequently released from the Universal contract and he made it to the final week and finished fifth overall. His performances included the original songs ‘No Name’ and ‘First Kiss’.

6. Since his stint on BGT, he has signed to Sony UK and released his eponymous debut EP, which was number 1 in Ireland for three consecutive weeks and reached No 9 in the UK charts.

7. In the last three years O’Shaughnessy has toured the USA and Canada and established his own recording label and studio called Bayview Records. It was through Bayview that he released his debut album, ‘Back to Square One’ in 2016 which included the songs ‘Got This Feeling’, ‘Supermodel’ and ‘Hold Me Now’ (not the Johnny Logan song).

8. Ryan was not Ireland’s first choice. Allegedly RTE wanted to send duo the Heathers to Eurovision 2018, however they declined the offer when RTE asked them to sing a song written by someone else. Also in the mix was Sex Pistols’ front man Johnny Rotten, but RTE decided the singer was too risky a choice.

9. Despite this Ryan is excited to be given the opportunity to perform at Eurovision. In a statement he said

‘I plan on doing Ireland proud by bringing a song and performance to Eurovision that we haven’t seen since the days of Rock and Roll Kids.’

10. He will sing ‘Together’ which he co-wrote with Mark Caplice and Laura Elizabeth Hughes. The song has yet to debut, as they feel it needs a few alterations and increased production value, however it has been confirmed it is a ballad.

Check out some of Ryan’s previous songs with the playlist below:


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