Poll Results: San Marino’s 1in360 Final!

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San Marino: the micro-state with big ambitions for Eurovision 2018. The nation launched its online talent search 1in360 back in late 2017 and received submissions from all over the world. A few months later and they selected a shortlist of eleven. For the past two weeks they’ve showcased these singers in two webisodes which determined the acts that would compete in tonight’s final. Ahead of these results we reveal the outcome of our poll that you have been voting in all week!

San Marino 1 in 360 Poll Results:

1. Sara de Blue- ‘Out of the Twilight’ (19.35%)

2. Emma Sandström- ‘Diamonds’ (17.97%)

3. Jessika feat. IROL- ‘Who We Are’ (11.98%)

4. Franklin Calleja- ‘Stay’ (11.06%)

5. Jenifer Brening- ‘Until the Morning Light’ (10.60%)

6. Basti- ‘Stay’ (8.29%)

7. IROL feat. Basti- ‘Sorry’ (6.91%)

8. Giovanni Montalbano- ‘Per quello che mi dai’ (5.07%)

9. Camilla North- ‘Yo no soy tu chica’ (4.15%)

10. Tinashe Makura- ‘Free Yourself’ (3.23%)

11. Judah Gavra- ‘Stay’ (1.38%)

Tune in tomorrow to see if your favourite does indeed with the competition!

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