10 Things About…Zibbz!

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Get to know the band that Switzerland have chosen for Eurovision 2018 with 10 Things About…Zibbz!

1. Zibbz (sometimes stylized as ZiBBZ) is a Swiss duo made of siblings Corinne ‘CoCo’ and Stee Gfeller. They are from Zürich, but are based in Los Angeles. The name band’s name ‘Zibbz’ is a modification of the English word ‘siblings’.

2. On their website they describe themselves as:

‘An addicting Swiss sibling alliance- heavy on the synth and heart pumping bass, courtesy of multi-instrumentalist and producer Stee and topped by the soulful rock n Roll growl out of front woman Coco.’

3. The pair have performed at rock concerts and festivals both together and as solo artists in Switzerland and abroad.

4. Zibbz released their debut single ‘Www.Ahh!’ in May 2011. They followed this up with the release of ‘One Shot’ in November 2012. It acted as the lead single from their debut studio album. Their debut album is entitled ‘Ready? Go!’ and was released in April 2013. Two further tracks were released as singles namely ‘Wake Up!’ and ‘Neonlights’.

5. The band’s second album ‘It Takes a Village’ was released in September 2017 and features the singles ‘Dynamite Blonde’, ‘Undone’ and ‘Run’. The album peaked at number eleven on the Swiss Album Chart.

6.  The group have collaborated with a number of international artists including Gölä, Bligg, Carlos Leal, Bastian Baker, DJ Antoine, Bellamy Brothers and have performed with the likes of Donna Summer, Prince, The Sessions Band, and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

7. Coco has worked on radio jingles for RTL, FFN, SAW, Radio Munot, Radio Fribourg.

8. ZIBBZ were chosen as the Swiss representative for Eurovision 2018 on 4 February with their song ‘Stones’. They beat off strong competition from five other songs in the national final. The band scored the highest amount of points from both the international juries and Swiss televoters.

9. According to the group, ‘Stones’ is an energetic power-pop-rock song with meaningful lyrics. Today, nothing is easier than hurting and bullying other people on the Internet. Usually anonymous and cowardly. Zibbz calls on us to stop throwing stones and let people live as they are.

10. Zibbz were overjoyed that they won the opportunity to represent their country at Eurovision. Taking to their Facebook page they exclaimed: ‘We still can’t quite believe it but HOLYSHiiiiT WE WON!!!’

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