It’s Sevak Khanagyan for Armenia at Eurovision 2018!

Eurovision Guide 2018, News

Earlier this evening the Armenian national broadcaster AMPTV aired the final of Depi Evratesil, their selection show for Eurovision 2018. Ten acts performed again but it was Sevak Khanagyan who was victorious. He will sing the song ‘Qami’ at Eurovision in May. Read on for the full results and to hear the winning song!


1. Sevak Khanagyan- ‘Qami’ (24 points)

2. Nemra- ‘I’m a Liar’ (18 points)

3. Amaliya Margaryan- ‘Waiting for the Sun’ (15 points)

4. Kamil Show- ‘Puerto Rico’ (12 points)

5. Asmik Shiroyan- ‘You and I’ (9 points)

6. Mariam Petrosyan- ‘Fade’ (9 points)

7. Gevorg Harutyunyan- ‘Stand Up’ (8 points)

8. Lusine Mardanyan- ‘If You Don’t Walk Me Home’ (8 points)

9. Mger Armenia- ‘Forever’ (7 points)

10. Robert Koloyan- ‘Get Away With Us’ (6 points)


Listen to the winning song:

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