10 Things About…Mikolas Josef!

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Mikolas Josef is the pick for the Czech Republic at Eurovision 2018. It’s time to get to know the singer better with our 10 Things About…Mikolas Josef!

1. Mikolas Josef was born on 4 October 1995 in Prague but he is half-Moravian and so grew up in a small village in central Bohemia.

2. His parents are both English teachers and he graduated from The English International School Prague.

3. He began playing guitar at a young age, something he picked up when he was banned from playing video games as a punishment from his parents for his bad behaviour.

4. He studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and graduated in Drama.

5. At the age of 17, he began modelling professionally and took part in fashion shows for clothing brands such as Diesel and Prada. He remarks that he left the modelling industry due to what he perceived to be dishonesty and superficiality.

6. After ending his modelling career, Mikolas decided to begin pursuing music professionally. He worked as a street performer and folk guitarist in several European cities such as Oslo, Zürich, Hamburg, and Vienna.

7. He independently released his debut single ‘Hands Bloody’ in 2015. Since then he has gone on to release further singles including ‘Believe (Hey Hey)’ and his biggest success to date ‘Free’ which peaked at number 15 in the Czech singles chart. He is working on his debut album.

8. Mikolas was approached to represent the Czech Republic in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song ‘My Turn’, but rejected the offer as he did not believe the song suited him. Instead Martina Barta sang the song but failed to make it to the final.

9. The Czech selection process for 2018 shortlisted six contenders. Mikolas won the contest comfortably receiving top scores from both the public televote and the jury vote. He finished with a maximum of 16 points, while his nearest rival Debbi received only 9 points.

10. He will sing his song ‘Lie to Me’ in the first half of the first semi final on 8 May. He has already taken social media by storm with the fandom being particularly intrigued by his riding a camel in the music video for his song. Check it out below:

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