Doredos Will Represent Moldova at Eurovision 2018!

Eurovision Guide 2018, News

28 songs were in the running for Moldova’s selection show, but this was cut back to only sixteen. Who would be given the chance to follow up Sunstroke Project’s record result at Eurovision 2018?

Well the results have been verified and the winner of O Melodie Pentru Europa 2018 is Doredos. They will perform their song ‘My Lucky Day’ at Eurovision 2018! Read on for the full results and to hear the winning song!

Full results:

1. DoReDos- ‘My lucky day’ (24 points)

2. Vera Țurcanu- ‘Black Heart’ (15 points)

3. Doinița Gherman and One Voice- ‘Dance in flames’ (13 points)

4. Tolik- ‘Broken Glass’ (13 points)

5. Ana Odobescu- ‘Agony’ (11 points)

6. SandyC & Aaron Sibley- ‘Once upon a time’ (9 points)

7. Nicoleta Sava- ‘La Esencia del Sur’ (8 points)

8. Felicica Dunaf- ‘Alien’ (7 points)

9. Cobîlean Constantin- ‘Numai tu’ (7 points)

10. Lavina Rusu- ‘Altundeva’ (6 points)

11. Anna Timofei- ‘Endlessly’ (2 points)

12. Ilia Soroceanu & Dasha DaGro- ‘Minds & Veins’ (1 point)

13. Bella Luna- ‘Moments’ (0 points)

14. Ruslan Tsar- ‘Come to Life’ (0 points)

15. Viorela- ‘The Gates of Love’ (0 points)

16. Che MD- ‘Inima-n stângă’ (0 points)

Listen to the winning song here:

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