10 Things About…Christabelle!

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Earlier this month, Malta chose Christabelle Borg as their singer for Eurovision 2018. She will sing the song ‘Taboo’ in Lisbon. But we get to know the singer better with our 10 Things About…Christabelle!

1. Christabelle Borg, also sometimes known simply by her first name Christabelle is a Maltese pop and R&B singer, songwriter and television presenter born in Mgarr on 28 April 1992. Her love for music began at a very young age and she was only three years old when she performed her first original song on stage ‘Jien Inhobb Il-Helu’.

2. Christabelle began her career as a teenager, hosting the National TV Award nominated Maltese television shows ‘Teen Trouble’ and ‘Teen Traffic’.

3. Her studies have included music at the Hollywood school Mount St. Mary’s College, graduating in 2014 and later a Masters Degree in Accounting and Commerce at the University of Malta.

4. Christabelle has a number of hit singles under her belt including her debut ‘I Wanna Know’ in 2009  (which has been used in the hit MTV’ show ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen’) and subsequent songs ‘Naturally’, ‘Flame’, ‘Everytime I Bleed’ and ‘Rush’.

5. Christabelle has won eight Bay Music Awards (Best Solo Artist 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013), Viewers’ Choice Award (2008 and 2009) and Best Song in 2009. Christabelle has also been nominated for several other awards Christabelle, most notably her win for Best R&B Artist at the Malta Music Awards.

6. Christabelle is also a huge fan of musical theatre, having taken part in various local musicals in Malta’s St. James Cavalier. This includes the productions ‘Live from the Screen’, ‘That’s Amore’, ‘Dipinto di Blu’, ‘Sleigh bells in the city’ and ‘Tribute to the Oldies’.

7. Two years ago Christabelle surprised her boyfriend with a trip to New York for his birthday, little did she know she too would be getting a surprised when he proposed to her in New York’s Central Park.

8. Prior to winning the Maltese selection show in 2018, Christabelle also competed on three other occasions ‘Lovetricity’ (2014, eighth), ‘Rush’ (2015, second) and ‘Kingdom’ (2016, fourth).

9. Christabelle has also taken part in a number of other competitions including the Maltese selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her songs ‘Smile’ (third, 2003), ‘One Way Journey’ (third, 2004), ‘Going Wild’ (fourth, 2005) and also in Louisiana where she managed to obtain the F.I.D.O.F Award and was also the winner of the competition.

10. Christabelle was visibly emotional during the final of MESC, firstly when she received twelve points from all of the international jurors but she was particularly overcome with emotion when it was announced she had topped the public televote and won the competition.

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