Poll Results: Serbia’s Beovizija 2018!

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Sanja Vucic Serbia Eurovision 2016
Tomorrow night sees the Serbian national final draw to a close with the final of Beovizija 2018. 17 songs were in the running and we’ve been asking you who your favourites were. The poll has now closed and we can reveal the results!

Topping the poll was former Eurovision representative Rambo Amadeus alongside Beti Dordevic. Their song ‘Otisao si’ received 19.88% of the vote. Second place was Biber and DJ Niko Bravo with 12% and third place was Osmi Vazaduh and friends with 10%. The full results are below!

1. Rambo Amadeus and Beti Dordevic- ‘Otišao si’ (19.88%)

2. Biber and DJ Niko Bravo- ‘Jutros (Svatovi)’ (12.05%) 

3. Osmi Vazduh and Friends- ‘Probudi se’ (10.24%) 

4. Danijel Pavlovic- ‘Ruža sudbine’ (8.43)

5. Koktel Balkan- ‘Zato’ (8.43%)

6. Lord- ‘Samo nek se okrece’ (7.83%)

7. Srdan Marijanovic- ‘Bar da znam’ (6.63%)

8. Ivan Kurtic- ‘Ni sunca, ni meseca’ (4.22%)

9. Maja Nikolic- ‘Zemlja cuda’ (3.61%)

10. Sanja Ilic and Balkanika- ‘Naša deca’ (3.01%) 

11. Lana and Aldo- ‘Jaca sam od svih’ (3.01%)

12. Saška Jankovic- ‘Pesma za tebe’ (3.01%) 

13. SevdahBABY- ‘Hajde da igramo sada’ (3.01%)

14. Dušan Svilar- ‘Pod krošnjom bagrema’ (1.81%)

15. BASS- ‘Umoran’ (1.81%)

16. Boris Režak- ‘Vila’ (1.81%)

17. Igor Lazarevic- ‘Beži od mene’ (1.20%)


Tune in tomorrow night to see if your predictions ring true!

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